Wholesale dealer of construction materials

We are a Colombian company specialized in the commercialization of construction materials whose headquarters and main warehouses are located in Cota a Bogota’s neighboring city.

Founded in year 1981 and with 35 years experience, we have got the position as one of the leader wholesale firms in the commercialization of various brands and products for the construction, the infrastructure and the distribution sectors.

At Coval, all the products we distribute are from national and international first class factories. These products fulfill the quality standards. This allows us, under our status of wholesale dealers, to offer excellent articles at prices adjusted to present market requirements.

Our organization presently has apart the main headquarter, 1 seat in the city of Bogotá and 5 branch offices in the cities of Villavicencio, Cali, Duitama, Chía and Sopó, with a total storage capacity of 10.000 m2. In all of them we count with an efficient human and technical team, inventories in agreement with the client’s needs and with a transportation system for delivery of merchandise to any city or town in the national territory.

In addition, we also count on a professional group of sales executives, who render a personalized service to each one of our clients.

Today, we have around 260 employees and 5.000 active clients in 200 towns.

More than 90% of our sales are on credit, offering, in this way, a better buying option.

If you are a foreign or national manufacturer of construction materials, and if you are interested in entrusting the distribution or representation of them to us, please contact us.